2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE 2024)

September 13- 14, 2024, Virtual Conference

Accepted Papers

Software Engineering for Developing a Recommendation Personalized Elderly Care Mobile Application

Hadeel Al-Obaidy, Maha Mohammed, Musheera Moqbel and Noor Jaafar, Department of Computer Science, University of Bahrain, Zallaq, Bahrain


The aim of this article proposes an innovative solution for developing FAZZA'AH, a technological advancement tailored specifically for the elderly and volunteer enthusiasts in Bahrain and the Middle East. The proposed system simplifies daily tasks for the elderly, enriching their lives with convenience and accessibility. It also fosters a culture of volunteerism among the youth by providing opportunities for meaningful engagement across various service categories. The system is highly adaptable and effective in bridging generational divides and inspiring social responsibility, empowering both the elderly and youth to lead purposeful lives rooted in connection and service. Implementation results have demonstrated that FAZZA'AH is reliable, adaptable, and efficient, with the potential to significantly enhance the quality of life for its users.


Agile process model, Elderly Care, Human-Computer Interaction, Recommendation System, Software Engineering, User- experience, persuasive app, volunteerism.